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Wedding Planning Trip – Orlando, Day 2

Today, Tina and I slept in and relaxed. Once we decided to start the day, we went back to Disney for lunch. We ate at Beaches & Cream, complete with root beer float and sundae. After eating, we walked around the Boardwalk and other Epcot hotels for a while. It started looking like it was going to rain so we left and went shopping at a few of the discount roadside places.
For dinner, we chose to venture over to Universal City Walk. We visited all the shops, waiting to get hungry, since we had a late lunch. After picking up a few gifts for our significant others, we decided to eat at Hard Rock.
Since we had already checked out all the shops at City Walk, we went to Downtown Disney Westside. On the way, we caught a few of the bigger Epcot fireworks. We did a bit more shopping, continued on through Pleasure Island, and then revisited the Marketplace. We caught the boat back over to the Westside and called it a night.
Never Grow Up,

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