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Wedding Planning Trip – Anna Maria Island

Today was our day on Anna Maria Island. We grabbed lunch at the BeachHouse, where Ken and I are getting married. We started with coconut shrimp (amazing) and conch fritters (it had peppers, so I didn’t love it, but I think Ken will). Then Tina and I split the tropical chicken and grouper. The chicken was good, for someone that doesn’t love chicken. The grouper was great.
Throughout the meal, particularly during our eating shrimp, this one seagull would NOT leave us alone. Most of them were just flying around, chill. But this one kept trying to land on our table. He was so close I could have touched him several times. It made for an interesting meal.
After eating, it was time for our appointment with Shawn, the wedding specialist for the restaurant. She was running a bit late, due to a wreck, so Tina and I grabbed a couple pina coladas to enjoy while we waited. Tina said it was better than the ones she had in Puerto Rico, where they supposedly have the best in the world. Once Shawn arrived, we talked about menu, timeline, linens, etc.
After a good 2 hours of wedding talk, we drove around the island. We stopped by the park where we are having the cookout, picked up some info from the chamber of commerce, and tried to go to the beach, but it was surprisingly difficult to find a public beach with parking. The clouds were starting to roll in so we decided to call it a day and had on back to the hotel. By the way, Gigi’s cupcakes taste even better the next day!
One of my favorite parts of today was actually being about to see the venue in person, visualizing everything. It made things feel more real than ever! I’m so excited for Ken and I to start our lives together in such a beautiful location.

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