Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning Trip – Arrival Day

Yesterday, I arrived in Florida for my wedding planning/detail finalization trip. My friend Tina picked me up at the airport and we began our journey. First thing was a cupcake tasting at Gigi’s cupcakes in Tampa. We both thought that the “Wedding cake” flavor (white cake, white buttercream) was rather dry. The southern comfort (pecan pie flavored) was very dense and sticky. The cherry cola flavored one wasn’t bad. My favorite was the strawberry flavored one. We also tried some mini cupcakes, not shown. They were chocolate with cream cheese frosting and yellow with chocolate frosting. Both of those were good, too. I liked them, but I’m not sure how feasible it will be to actually have them at the wedding, due to the distance. We could have them delivered, but it pretty much doubled the price.
After that, we went to an outlet mall where I found 2 (yes, TWO) pairs of shorts that fit for less than $20 Total. That was pretty exciting for me! After picking up a present for Ken, we grabbed some dinner and went back to the hotel, where Tina helped me edit my thesis… again. We stayed up talking until about 2am.
Definitely a good start to the trip.

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