Dining Review: Cape May Cafe Breakfast

Minnie’s Beach Bash Breakfast at Cape May Cafe

Location: Beach Club Resort (Epcot Area)
Dining Plan: 1 Table Service Credit
Atmosphere: 9/10 – I think we missed some interactive elements due to being placed in a side room.
Food: 10/10 – Create your own crepes!!! Need I say more?
Service: 8/10 – The service was not memorable – it wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t amazing.
Overall Experience: 9/10 – I can’t wait to go again!
Detailed Review:
     Though the Polynesian Village Resort is my dream hotel (where I will stay someday), the Beach Club is a close second. Between the close proximity to Epcot, the huge sand-bottomed pool that is basically a water park, and the laid back atmosphere, I have always loved visiting the Beach Club during our Disney vacations.
     Breakfast at the Cape May Cafe is a great way to begin a day at Epcot.  To get to the restaurant, you will enter the hotel lobby at the Beach Club resort and veer right. The entrance to Cape May Cafe is in the back right corner of hotel lobby’s main atrium.  I generally recommend arriving early to your dining reservations, but I especially love having time to walk around the gardens/beach while I wait. The Epcot area resorts (Boardwalk Inn and the Yacht & Beach Club) are seriously gorgeous.

Moving on to the actual dining, Minnie’s Beach Bash Breakfast at the Cape May Cafe is a character buffet that includes Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy all dressed in their beach-side best. The hostess seated us and showed us the basics of the restaurant – where to pick up plates, the route for the character meetings (so you could plan when to go to the buffet), etc. It took a few minutes to  get everyone situated across 3 adjoining tables, finishing just in time for Donald arrived in our section! Rather than waiting for him to make the rounds again, we opted for pictures with everyone’s favorite angry bird.


Throughout our meal, we got to meet all of the characters (and Goofy twice). My personal favorite character encounter from this meal was definitely Goofy. He was goofy, of course, but he was also funny. He walked in to see this group of ladies waiting to meet him and he started slicking his ears down and showing us his muscles. It was so much fun interacting beyond a smile and autograph. That’s one of the things I like most about character meals – I feel like you get more time to “talk” with the characters without a line waiting behind you.

After autographs, we were served our choice of coffee, tea, soda, or fruit juice. For me, I will ALWAYS choose POG juice! I don’t typically like orange juice, but the combination with passion fruit and guava juices is just perfection. It’s no wonder this juice has a fan club of its own – much like turkey legs and Dole Whip.  Speaking of Disney foods with a cult following, breakfast at Cape May Cafe includes Mickey waffles with a complete toppings bar. The standard breakfast fare (various breads and muffins, sausage/bacon, etc.)  At the time of our visit, several unique items were available on the buffet, such as scrambled eggs with chorizo and cheese grits. The stand-out item for me was, hands down, the create your own crepe bar. I am pretty sure I could live off them. I had a crepe with caramelized bananas, strawberries, and chocolate, but there we so many options for fillings and toppings available!  Have I convinced you yet about the crepes because I’m seriously in love… and now very hungry.

Comment below and tell me what character you want to meet!
Enjoy Breakfast with Character!

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