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Product Review: Preppy Ears Etsy Shop

     I have never been much of a “girly” girl. My favorite color is blue, I prefer jeans to skirts, and I’m the worst at walking in heels. I also had never (that’s right… NEVER) worn a pair of Mickey ears at Walt Disney World. I didn’t want to deal with the headache I usually get from wearing a headband and I was worried about having to keep up with them all day.  But, I have a ton of clients that love wearing them so I wanted to be able to give an actual review.
 I contacted Rebecca of Preppy Ears Etsy Shop and ordered my first pair of ears! I selected the Mai Tai fabric with blue bow and added my monogram. My ears arrived within 2 weeks and I was pretty excited about them. They came with a free elastic hair tie that coordinated with the fabric for the ears. The headband was not too tight, which was a big plus for me. However, that meant that sometimes they wanted to slip one way or the other. I purchased some small hair clips and attached the headband, just below the actual ears, to keep them from moving and didn’t have any issues after that. Because they weren’t super tight, I was able to wear them all day in the parks without getting a headache which was definitely a pleasant surprise for me! I had also been concerned about keeping up with them all day, but that wasn’t a problem either. After a while, I didn’t even notice I was wearing them and didn’t need to keep taking them off like I thought I would. I ever rode Tower of Terror while wearing them!

      The biggest surprise to me was how many compliments I received about my ears. I had several people stop me to ask where I got them. One Cast Member liked them so much, she gave me a free caramel apple as we were leaving Animal Kingdom – granted the park was closing and they were probably going to have to throw it away at the end of the night or something, but it still made my night!

The Lilly Pulitzer fabric is so unique and people loved it! The monogramming was also a fun way to differentiate my ears from the standard ones. While I admittedly don’t have much experience wearing ears in the parks and can’t make comparisons, I definitely recommend Preppy Ears Etsy Shop. There are tons of fabrics, a variety of options to customize, and the shop owner is super sweet!

Use the code MMV15 for a discount!

Never Grow Up!

Disclaimer: My ears were provided by Preppy Ears free of charge for the purposes of reviewing them. All opinions are my own.

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