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My Magical 30th Birthday – Symphony in the Stars Dessert Party

In all our years visiting Walt Disney World, we have never done a dessert party before.  I was so excited when I heard about one of the newest additions to the dessert party family, Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party! I love the music of John Williams and Ken loves Star Wars and we both love dessert so it was a perfect fit for a special birthday treat!

The dessert party is held in the courtyard between the Great Movie Ride and Min & Bill’s Diner. A section is cordoned off for the party-goers. To enter, you will give a Cast Member your reservation name at the check-in area on the Min & Bill side of the party. You will be given a wrist band that shows you are an official party guest.  Once you’ve checked in, you can start to enjoy the party!

The Party Space
There were several long dessert-lined tables, a few “adult” drink stations, and non-alcoholic drink stations. Scattered throughout the area were tall tables for 2-4 people to gather around and a handful of shorter handicap-accessible tables in the front.  I felt the tables were fairly well spaced so you didn’t feel like you were standing on top of the person next to you.  Just be aware that you are close enough to fellow guests that they can likely hear your conversations (I’m talking to you, CPA from Rhode Island with strong political opinions)! Overall, I thought the space was large enough for the group size, providing enough space for everyone to have somewhere to lay their plate.  I will say, my biggest complaint was the lack of seating.  Even after just a few hours in the park, standing still for 2 hours straight was rough on the knees.

The Drinks and Desserts

The food and beverage options were creative and fun.  From Padawan Punch and BB-8 cupcakes to Darth Maul eclairs and Blue Milk panna cotta, every item was tied in to the Star Wars theme.  In addition to sweets, there were a few savory items like cheese sabers and quarter ration bread.  References are made to characters from all of the movies, including the most recent addition with The Force Awakens! My favorite dessert was the Darth Vader chocolate peanut butter cupcake!  The Blue Milk panna cotta was fairly bland to me.  On our way out of the party, I was excited to learn Mickey Premium Bars were available and grabbed one for the road!

To my surprise, the adult beverage I ordered was rather strong, at least in my opinion. I ended up adding some extra non-alcoholic punch to mellow the flavor of the bourbon – I know… I put my Kentucky heritage to shame.

The Fireworks
By far, my favorite aspect of the event was the fireworks. While I am not generally a fan of fireworks in the real world, I do have an appreciation for Disney’s pyrotechnics and the story they tell beyond the simple “boom!” These fireworks are now hands-down my favorite! The colors are stunning and the timing of the fireworks fit so perfectly with the music – it made my band-geek heart smile.

Overall Opinion
I think this event was a fun deviation from our norm, as a special birthday event.  The fireworks were stunning – not to be missed!  The food and drinks were pretty good, with some standing out above others. I do wish there had been seating available.  Overall, I think it was fun to do once, but there are other ways I would rather spend the additional money (like dinner at Be Our Guest)!

Whether on this planet or in a galaxy far, far away – Never Grow Up!

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