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May 2012 Trip Report – Epcot

       Our first day at a Disney park was pretty wonderful.  To start out, we checked in at our resort, Coronado Springs.  We got a room in the “Cabanas” section, which is themed to look like a seaside Mexican fishing town.  I haven’t had a chance to get any pictures of the scenery yet.

Coronado Springs Entrance

The Room Interior (Love the Colors)

       After we got checked in, we set our sights on Epcot.  We started the day in the park with a ride on Spaceship Earth (the big ball at Epcot) and then went to get fastpasses for Soarin’.  While waiting for our time to go ride Soarin, we did Journey Into the Imagination with Figment!, Captain EO (a 1980’s throwback 3-D movie with Michael Jackson), The Seas with Nemo and Friends, Turtle Talk with Crush, and Living with the Land.  By that time, we were ready to ride Soarin.  We love it so much that we just went ahead and got another fastpass after riding.    
       For lunch, we ate at Sunshine Seasons in the Land.  I had a porkchop with the most amazing mashed potatoes and my favorite dessert – strawberry shortcake.  Ken had cashew chicken and a carrot cake cupcake.  I suppose now is a good time to mention that Ken and I are planning to do the “cupcake crawl”… sort of.  The true cupcake crawl is one person eating 10 cupcakes in a day.  We opted for the “eat 10 cupcakes between 2 people across 6 days” plan.  We’ll see how that goes.

Cupcake #1 – Carrot Cake

       After lunch, we set off for a tour around the World Showcase (starting with Canada).  We watched several of the shows from the different countries, including China and America.  We had a nice, leisurely stroll looking at the architecture and various shops.  I decided to try a cupcake from the carmel shop in Germany (Karmel Kuche).  It honestly wasn’t my favorite.

Cupcake #2 – Chocolate Carmel

       After finishing our tour around the world, it was time for our Soarin fastpasses again… and that’s where I’ll end part one of our Epcot day!

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