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May 2012 Trip Report – Epcot, Pt 2

       Okay, I can’t sleep, so I’ll post some more about Epcot. After riding Soarin again, we had a little over an hour before our dinner reservation. Ken wanted to ride Spaceship Earth again and I wanted to ride Mission: Space. I thought we were going to Mission: Space first, so I started walking that way. Ken started picking on me, saying he didn’t know why I “hated” SSE, but hew was going to make me like it. (For the record, I liked SSE. I just was confused on which we were doing first. (-: )
       So anyway, we walked right on SSE and back in the future we went. Toward the end of the ride, you pick different options so the computer can develop “your future,” based on the options you pick. Since Ken had picked his “future” that morning, it was my turn. As I was selecting my different options, Ken leaned over and proposed! Of course I said yes, after making sure he was serious.

        I couldn’t believe it. While I had dreamed of him asking while we were at WDW, I didn’t dream it would be on this trip. As we got off the ride, he said “Told you I’d make you love this ride!” We called my parents and grandparents to tell them. Apparently, almost everyone knew but me, parents, friends, family. Mom said when I came me over to paint our nails, she was going crazy trying not to say anything! She said she even considered making me mad on purpose, so I wouldn’t talk to her. I couldn’t believe that everyone  already knew! Even my grandma, when I called her, wasn’t surprised (even though she didn’t “know”). Her first response was “Have you set a date?” She didn’t realize it had JUST happened. I really liked the way he did it. While in front of the castle would be the “obvious” choice of proposal locations, neither of us like being the center of attention, so standing in the middle of a open courtyard or restaurant full of people just wasn’t right for us. On the ride, he was able to ask privately while still right in the middle I’d the action… Plus Epcot is our favorite park – even more so now.
       After all the excitement, it was almost time for dinner.  We started walking back to France, Ken leading me because I was too busy being mesmerized by my ring to pay much attention to walking. Dinner was really good. I really wanted to tell the server because I just wanted to tell everyone, but Ken didn’t want to (afraid they would make a scene in three restaurant). We both started with French Onion Soup, which was the best I’ve had. I had the macaroni and gruyere, which was awesome, but too rich to eat a lot of. Ken had the spare ribs, also excellent. I’ll have to look up the names of the desserts we had, but Ken’s was definitely better. I also had a celebratory glass of wine. 

View from Chefs de France

       It was raining when we finished dinner and we were exhausted, so we decided to head on back to the hotel. On the way out, we stopped so I could ride Mission: Space. Ken waited for me in the gift shop because the ride doesn’t agree with him. I then ran in to guest relations for “Just Engaged” buttons. While I was getting those, Ken bought me a SSE pin for my lanyard in honor of the occasion!

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