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Dreams Come True, or How I Became a Travel Agent

Costume from Hollywood & Vine

As some of you may know, I spend a semester of college working at Walt Disney World through the Disney College Program!  I started out working Quick-Service Food & Beverage at Tusker House (way back before it became a table-service restaurant) and ended my program as a DAK Vacation Planner.  In non-Disney speak, I went from working fast food to selling tickets at the front of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  But saying I sold tickets doesn’t really cover what my job entailed.  I was the first point of contact for families at the park, many of whom had never been to Walt Disney World before. I was there to introduce families to all that Walt Disney World has to offer and make sure they were getting the right tickets for their needs, whether that meant getting a 5-day base ticket or a 2-day Park Hopper. Sure, I sold tickets, but my real job was getting to know the family in front of me and helping make sure they had a magical vacation!

That was over a decade ago now… wow, I feel old… but I still get the same job from helping others have the right vacation for their family.  For several years, I have helped friends and family plan their Disney vacations for fun (and the occasional beer and chicken wings). However, I felt like something was missing – I could give advice, but I wasn’t really helping them plan.  Then came Amanda at Living with the Magic Vacations!  In August 2015, I met Amanda through a Disney College Program Alumni page on Facebook.  After speaking a few times, Amanda offered me the chance to fulfill my dream of becoming a full-blown Travel Agent!  I get so much joy from helping my clients find the right vacation for them.  The pixie dust overflows when clients tell me how amazing their vacation was, knowing I had a part in bringing happiness to the world!
They say if you love your job, you never work a day in your life.  Well, I love this job and the fact that it allows me to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of Disney with fellow fans and newbies, alike. While the hours are strange and the main boss is a bit CHEESY (pun very much intended), I’m happy to have a career that allows me to Never Grow Up!
To my fellow lost boys and lost girls, I hope you never grow up either!
Follow the bouncing ball to Amanda’s Blog next to read about how she decided to start Living with the Magic Vacations!

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