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My Magical 30th Birthday – Disney Springs & Epcot

My family left this morning and Ken and I spent the day relaxing.  We slept in and then decided to check out the updates at Disney Springs. We headed to the AMC’s Dine-In Theater for lunch/to see Deadpool. Though not on the dining plan, we really enjoy seeing movies here – the seats are comfortable and the food is pretty good (depending on what you order).  We enjoyed our movie – Deadpool is NOT for kids – and were planning to explore a bit.  However, Ken wasn’t feeling great so we decided to go back to the hotel to rest.

After a nap, I set off for a solo adventure at Epcot.   I stopped in Future World to pick up an Egg-Stravaganza Map before making my way back to the countries.  The evening weather was perfect for a leisurely walk around the World Showcase.  I began my journey in Mexico with an avocado margarita at La Cava del Tequila. In all my trips to Disney World, I’d never made it to this unique drink venue and I was excited for the opportunity.  After waiting in line for a few minutes, I ordered at the bar and found a table in the small bar to sit and savor my drink.

Primavera Kitchen
Pollo alla Parmagiana &
Cremoso al Pistacchio

As I continued to Norway and beyond, I noticed an interesting sense of camaraderie among those hunting for eggs, asking each other for clues and sharing information.  Kids of all ages were playing along – families, groups of friends, and people on their own like me. In between finding eggs, I grabbed a few tasty treats from the Flower & Garden Festival booths.  Of the items I tried, the Cremoso al Pistacchio was my favorite!  The only savory item I got this evening was the Pollo alla Parmagiana, which honestly wasn’t that good, in my opinion; it was pretty flavorless and was a bit rubbery in texture.  The people next to me ordered the Mezza Lune Primavera and they said it was very good.

Monika and I

I also got the opportunity to meet one of my Instagram followers for the first time, which was such a neat experience – a friend from a completely different area that I met through a love of Disney!  (If you would like to follow me too, I can be found at!)

Cupcake #2

After meeting up with Monika, I headed back to the hotel.  I stopped to pick up dinner for Ken and I at the food court.  Trying to carry full meals, drinks, and cupcakes by myself proved to be too much and I dropped my Mickey cupcake, icing side up.  One of the amazing Cast Members stopped what she was doing to help me clean up, took me to get another cupcake, and then helped me carry everything out to my car.  THAT is what makes Disney different – people that genuinely care!

This day was full of Disney magic – friendships built on a love of Walt’s World, foods from around the globe, and true guest service beyond what you expect.  Finding joy in these things is a big part of why I don’t want to grow up!

I hope you find joy in your day, as well… and Never Grow Up!

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