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Pre-Wedding Reunion – Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios

For our final day at Disney, we went to Hollywood Studios.  We arrived within minutes of rope drop (opening) and headed straight for Toy Story Midway Mania.  Since the line was only 20 minutes, we went ahead and rode it, rather than getting fastpasses for later.  We then went to Starring Rolls and had a smorgasbord  of cupcakes, cinnamon buns, and donuts.  The boys couldn’t believe we were letting them eat so much sugar for breakfast!

After eating, Dustin took Amelia to the Mickey Mouse Playhouse area while the rest of us rode Tower of Terror and Rock-N-Rollercoaster.  Aidan got upset over RNR and refused to ride it again.  Alex and Rachel wanted to ride again, but it was time to go find Dustin.

 Ken, Dustin, and Amelia went to Muppet Vision 3D.  The rest of us rode Star Tours.  Alex was the “rebel spy” which Aidan thought was hilarious. Since it was the last day, the boys were allowed to spend their allotted money, while all went to toy guns in the Star Wars shop.  We ate lunch at 50’s Prime Time and decided to head on out.  We left Hollywood Studios and began our 2 hour drive to Bradenton for the wedding.

On our way, we stopped by Ken’s mom’s rental house to say hi to his family.  We got to our hotel around 7 or 8 and had dinner with Chris and Marci and the hotel bar/restaurant.  The atmosphere sitting outside near the beach was wonderful, even if the food was mediocre.  As much fun as it was to be with the kids at Disney, it was nice to have a relaxing evening with just adults.

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