Trip Report

Trip Report: May 2012 – Clearwater and Blue Skies

Today was much more exciting than yesterday!  We headed to Clearwater early this morning to meet up with Ken’s old boss.  He and his wife took us out into the intercostal waters on their boat.  It was fantastic.

Ken and I on the Boat

Hulk Hogan’s Clearwater House (On Sale for ONLY $18M)

Leaving the City Behind

We pulled up to the dock at a local restaurant for lunch.  It was a pretty cool set up.  They helped you dock and watched the boat while you ate.  The food was awesome.  *You should be forewarned… I like to talk about food.*  I had a cajun grouper sandwich and Ken had grouper nuggets.  Both of us really enjoyed our meals!  I enjoy small food joints that really showcase local flavors and this one was no exception.

The Dock @ Frenchy’s

Mural @ Frenchy’s

 After lunch, we headed out in to the Gulf of Mexico.  The water was beautiful.  We saw dolphin and a few sting rays playing in the water.  Despite how beautiful it was out today, the boat traffic was not too bad.  The beach did seem pretty packed.  It was nice to be able to wave to everyone as we passed them on the shore.

Dinner was a less exciting adventure.  Apparently, many of the local places don’t deliver to the hotel we are staying at.  After trying to order from 3 local places and a restaurant delivery service, to no avail, we opted for delivery from a major pizza chain.  It wasn’t ideal, but with both of us hungry, running on <4 hours sleep, and exhausted from a long day in the sun, it fit the bill just fine.

 We’re heading to Universal tomorrow.  Neither of us have ever been, so we are really looking forward to it.  Hope to have lots of fun things to post tomorrow!

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