Road Trip, Trip Report, WDW/US May 2012

May 2012 Trip Report – Packing and Driving


Yesterday started out with our typical last minute gathering, laundry, and packing.  Nothing really exciting happened, except Boogie tried to pack herself in the suitcase.

Boogie in the Suitcase

Puppies Watching for Dad to get Home

On the Road

We got on the road from Cincinnati early afternoon.  There was massive traffic due to a rock slide that lead to a 2 hour (26 mile) detour into Tennessee.  Luckily, this yielded some really pretty scenery along the way.

Kentucky State Line

Tennessee State Line

Blurry Georgia State Line
Florida State Line @ 12:30am

The Scenic Route in Tennessee

 We drove through and arrived at the hotel around 1:30am, exhausted.  Tomorrow, we’re spending the day in Clearwater with my husband’s old boss/friend.

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